What's new:
  • Templates have arrived! Browse 100s of templates for emails, journeys, playbooks, reports, capture and dashboards. Save and share templates between accounts.
  • Scores are here! Under Setup > Customer data > Scores you can now build your own fit and engagement scores.
  • You can select a data region at sign up
  • We now apply instance timezone when exporting time and date field data
  • Deleting object field values in Salesforce now also clears the field value in Ortto
Happy thanksgiving 🦃 to our 🇺🇸 friends!
What's new:
  • You can now remove social sharing links from the "view online" email screen
  • There is now a confirmation modal when changing exit/entry criteria on a journey or playbook that is active
  • Shopify activities now support both abandoned cart and abandoned checkout. The previous abandoned cart activity is now named abandoned checkout
  • Typeform form mapping and validation can now be based on person and organization level unique identifiers
  • SMS preference center now uses the public audience name correctly
What's new:
  • You now have the option in a Journey to move people waiting on a shape to the next shape.
  • Improved validation on HTML ZIP file upload for templates.
  • Chargebee data source was not correctly merging existing contacts, this has been resolved.
What's new:
  • Dynamic content in emails via JSON endpoint is now available
  • You can now use any GEO type field in GEO reports
  • We now support grouped questions in Typeform
  • Reports now group individual answers in multi-select attributes
  • You can now use fields from other integrations within Zapier
  • We now use language full name instead of short codes in reports
  • Improved usability of field-based reports
  • Better error states when trying to integrate WooCommerce without full permission set
What's new
  • Magento for Ortto is here!
  • You can now sync activity to Segment sources
  • You can now upload custom HTML assets via ZIP file for email campaigns
  • You can now do greater than and less than filters for text fields
  • We have made it easier to insert merge tags into SMS links
  • Organization section within CDP was mising "Show all" button
Plan updates:
We have made changes to our plans based on customer feedback.
Pro plan changes:
  • Pro plan now has 5 seats (up from 3)
Business plan changes:
  • Now includes 3 streams (was previously 1)
  • Now includes 10 seats (up from 5)
  • Now includes 15 custom activities (up from 10)
All plans:
  • On all paid plans you can now add custom activities
What's new:
  • Typeform integration is now live!
  • Added Malaysian Ringgit currency
  • Grouping a report by a mulit-select field will now show the count of each option, not the combination of each option
  • Improved ease of use in distinguishing between people and organization fields in the Update Field journey action
  • Orders and revenue from SMS shape were not being correctly shown on the Journey summary report
What's new:
  • Create reports using field values from your CDP
  • Setup Slack notifications for reports to notify a #channel daily, weekly or monthly
  • Back in stock activities now trigger for people who were waiting on stock more than 90 days if data retention switched on
  • Set current time or clear a date field in Salesforce using an update action in a Journey
  • You can now use merge tags when setting a single-select Salesforce field via an Update action in a journey
  • You can now use merge tags of different types and automatically convert value in Update Field journey action
  • Create a filter using proximity by postcode
  • Set default email and SMS permission for all contacts from Zendesk and Helpscout integrations
  • Export all campaign audience variations in 1 consolidated report instead of individual reports
  • You can now select private slack channels for sending slack notifications
  • Specify different from name and email for each campaign language translation
  • You can now sync custom fields from Stripe
  • A domain filter has been added to the Get Instance Schema API method
  • All account admins now get notification emails, not just the owner
  • Consent must be confirmed when uploading customer email or SMS permission via CSV import
  • Option to skip weekends on daily journey/playbook triggers
  • BigCommerce data can now be backfilled from the data source page
  • Fixed issue when editing completed A/B test emails in a journey
What's new:
  • You can now track sessions and clicks using your own customer domain
  • API method added: Get Tags
  • Coupon detail page is now translated into the preferred language of the user if the account supports that language
  • "Archive all matches" option from filter has been fixed
  • Product description now displays correctly in product widget for BigCommerce
  • When you refresh Slack channels we now update existing channels
What's new:
  • You can now use your own domain for link and website session tracking
  • You can now associate contacts with an organization from Zapier
  • The form which script has had optimization improvements so it doesn't hit website upload limits
  • You can now automatically refresh tracked form fields when editing them
What's new:
  • AI subject line update, we now predict your open rate before you send an email
  • Added daily recurring trigger for journeys and playbooks
  • Increased 'no activity' exit maximum to 365 days for journeys and playbooks
  • You can now export table, ledger and cohort reports as a CSV
  • Added a warning on campaign setip if the form domain is not using an authenticated email domain
  • Improved header styling visualization in capture widget editing
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